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Photos of Digs and Activities

May 22

Walker Shinaberry from PC High finding Littler's Blue pottery

Haley Moore found this shard of prehistoric pottery

.Marlinton Middle school students screening

Dr. Stephen McBride helps the 8th graders learn about where they will excavate

Brandon Price of Marlinton Middle School shows a smoking pipe bowl fragment he found

May 24

Susie our faithful site guard

Mary Sue Burns, a favorite teacher of many a Pocahontas Co student, finds a projectile point

Aritfacts, two gunflints, pewter button, triangular file, bullet, ceramic spout from a tea pot

May 25

Greenbank 7th graders look on as Dr. McBride explains the exciting find of an archeological feature (note the stain near his left knee).

A rare find today, a gunflint reused as a strike a light (note the indentation).

May 26

Small dark stain is a post mold and larger dark stain going into the top wall is a prehistoric period pit

We had lots of help today from Green Bank 3rd and 4th graders

Circular stain is still a mystery but excavation of it may provide clues

Knife blade, pewter button, refitted pipe stems, refitted shoe buckle, projectile point.

May 27

Pocahontas Co Honor Guard presents a gun salute to the militia who built the fort and guarded the frontier

Landowner Bob Sheets explains to Open House guests about restoration of the Warwick Cemetery and the gun salute to come

Staff member Jake Ramsay shows Open House guests some of the stains in the units

Staff member Kim McBride shows Open House guests artifacts from previous days of excavation

May 31

Auguring leads us to a suspicious looking dark stain, with circles

Expanding the excavation confirms we have found another line of stockade trench; the circles are from posts